CiaoWeb Affiliate Program

Keep Your Website Care Plan Free!

  • All  CiaoWeb - Web Services account holders become automatically affiliate
  • Introducing us to a new client who buys any of the services offered by our company entitle you to get a full year of your current website care plan site FREE of charge*.
  • E.g. You're are paying £200.00 every twelve months, the client referred by you pay us on the beginning of June 2021. Your next invoice is due on 15th of June 2021 we'll stop charging you and we'll re-setup the billing cycle to start again on 15th of June 2022 so you will enjoy a full year of a FREE website care plan that's worth £200.00 of savings in your pocket!

Stay free for many years to come

  • Introduce us a friend or a relative a year and you will keep your Website Care Plan forever FREE!**
  • In the meantime, your business website will work tirelessly for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • On recommending CiaoWeb or Sole Traders Online which offers an entry-level website package for small businesses you are giving to your friends and relatives the chance to get a professional web presence at affordable price.
  • You can also refer people who already have a website but not happy about the service and keen to change their hosting company.

*If your plan costs more than £200.00 per year you will get £200 discount for a year. E.g.if you are paying £240.00 per year we will deduct £200.00 so you will pay instead £40.00.
**Pay Per Click marketing is not included in this offer but only web development and hosting.

Important Note
The affiliate program apply only when a "new" client is referred, a client who has already a website with us and require a new website is not allowed to use the affiliate program but for sure we can help with discounts, we always take care of our clients.


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