A common mistake professionals make is to use a free email account or host their site on a free server. It's quite common to see contact email addresses like johndoe@hotmail.com or johnsells@aol.com. Many people also use free web sites with domains such as www.yourisp.com/user/johnsmith.

There is nothing wrong on using free services but the downside is that this immediately gives prospective clients the impression that you're not serious about your business. How much confidence would you place with a professional who isn't willing to invest a few pounds a month for hosting and a domain name?


Free email accounts also convey a degree of anonymity and are also associated with spam. Many corporations specifically block emails originating from free accounts to avoid spam and viruses.

An additional problem with email addresses provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is that they are not permanent. If you decide to move from your AOL dial up service to broadband DSL connection, you will lose your AOL email address. Even if you are happy with your current ISP, they may go bankrupt as did AT&T, DirectTV DSL, and dozens of others. The last thing you want is for your clients to not be able to reach you when you change your email address.

Web Site Hosting

Using a free web host without your own domain name will also result in very poor search engine rankings. Search engines group and list sites by their top-level domains if there is more than one page within the domain that matches the search phrase. So if you have your own domain like www.yourdomain.co.uk chance are that your web site will be in time found and ranked from the search engines and your website will get traffic and so business. This is not the case if you have your business website under another domain typically www.yourisp.com/user/johnsmith in this way you are not only losing your credibility but in the meantime the chance to get traffic and ranking from search engines are very limited.

Same result you will get if you totally rely on social networks like Facebook and Twitter just to name two of the most popular. They can definitely help but there's no comparison when you can show your prospects that you have your own domain, website and an email address that include your domain name after the @.

Studies show that 81% of your traffic will come from search engines. Saving a few pounds here is not a wise choice. With domain names and hosting being so inexpensive, it's really quite silly to use these free services for your business. By registering a domain name for your web site and using it for your email address, you deliver a consistent image and make it as easy as possible for your clients/customers to find you.

If your business isn't online, it should be. More tiny and medium-sized businesses are getting themselves professional-looking sites and establishing their web presence.

There are several reasons why they are doing so, and there are numerous advantages for you to get a website and get your business online no matter how little or big it is. If you would like prospective customers to understand about your business and you wish to see it expand and grow, then it's positively vital to get a website. First of all, when your business it's online potential clients who are searching Google for your products and services can find your site and your contact details on the web.

Having an Internet site for your business can also help put you on the map and spread the news about what products or services you are offering. It is also in your own interest to put your business online, as it will help to grow and increase your client and shopper base and relations as well as boost sales. Remember, having a business website is about selling your products and services as well as selling, advertising and marketing your business to potential new customers. With a website that is available 24/7 you will have your virtual assistant promoting your business even when you are sleeping.

Further, it's generally considered a pro practice to have an Internet presence. Your present clients, potential clients, consumers, co-workers and others will essentially expect your business along with other companies that aim to succeed to have a professional website. They'll likely even be disappointed if you do not have a domain, and think or maybe tell you that if your business isn't online, it should be.

Having your own web presence for your business makes it straightforward and convenient for prospects to deal with you in general whether you need to expand your business, sell your products or services, provide and exchange info, improve purchaser service, or build up customers. When you pass out your business cards to friends, family, clients and customers, they can regularly pay attention to your site address, be impressed, take a look at it, help spread the news, and in turn help to grow your business.

However, it's imperative to realise that it is not enough to just have a website you need to have a professionally designed website that is good looking, informative, well arranged and simple to access and navigate. If a possible customer with your card checks out your site and reveals a poorly done, confusing, visually unappealing website full of poor content and mistakes, this could typically create a negative first impression which can in turn hurt your business reputation.

In addition, competition itself should tell you that if your business isn't online, it should be. Entrepreneurs who own their own companies know that in order to remain successful, one must try to rise above the competition. Having your own pro business web site can provide you with that extra edge and make you stand out in a positive light.


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