In 2007 BMRB carried out a survey and found that 80% of people would contact a company that has a web site first, over and above one that didn't.

An elegant website with the right features can be of great help for any kind of business.

The beauty of a WordPress powered website is that it is extensible by plugins so it can be improved with new functionalities to make it more effective and the nice thing is that most of these plugins are freely available on  the WordPress Repository page. You can have a shopping cart to sale your items online, a nice photo galleries with photo slideshow, an interactive calendar to show all planned important events to come, a blog that is like an electronic diary where you can post all activities related to your business, a newsletter, even a videos page and many other features, the sky is the limit.

Think about it: The 80% of people who are doing a local search go to Google, so your competitors who have a website that rank good on search engines are taking the advantage.

With an effective website that works for your business, you can easily recover the annual web site cost and still have plenty of business profits.


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