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How to build a dynamic testimonial system with Toolset & Microthemer

This video tutorial is made in two parts.

The video of part 1 shows you how easy is to build a testimonial slider with Toolset Blocks. For the styling of the slider, I use Microthemer because it fit very well my workflow. You may be wondering that there are tons of sliders built in a theme or plugins, but none of them can even come close to the power of Toolset and its dynamic querying of the database, the level of customisation is incredible.

Also, be assured that Toolset Blocks offer you all design options at your fingertips in the Block editor you don't really need an external CSS editor as I did in this video.

The video of part 2 shows you how easy is to build a front end form using Toolset Forms that will allow people visiting the website to leave a testimonial. The submitted form entry will automagically feed the existing custom post type Testimonials as a new entry with "Pending" status, the website admin can then review the comment and publish it. All dynamic and without writing a line of code.

Toolset (affiliate link):

Microthemer (affiliate link):

Part 1 video:

Part 2 video:

I have recently posted in the Oxygen Community Facebook page about the Blank Theme for Oxygen. Most of you immediately understood that was a joke since I was mentioning that "Free Lifetime No Updates"... by the way the theme actually works on doing what it was built for: nothing... and you can install it in your Oxygen website. It is made by three empty files, index.php, functions.php and style.css.
I hope you will enjoy it 🙂

You can download the zip file here:


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