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The CiaoWeb Website Care Plan explained

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Google Analytics

Once the website is published we add it to Google Analytics and paste the tracking code to the source code in a way the website traffic that land to your site can be monitored 24/7 and all info are included in the Google Analytics weekly report.

Google Webmaster Tools

This is the second job after the Google Analitycs property creation. The website is added to the Google Webmaster Tools (now named Google Searches).
It is a very important step to inform Google that the website is now live and to add it to its index for ranking.

Maintenance, Security & Backups

WordPress CMS core update, WordPress plugins updates.
Website health and security scan - By using Wordfence, Sucuri and Google Web Master Tool
Backup Service - Your site is backed up each day with our revolutionary incremental backups system that will allow us to restore your site any time something goes wrong.

Hosting / Domain Administration

Your website live 24 hours a day / 7 days a week on CiaoWeb server - If applicable (see note 1)
Your domain name monitored and renewed automatically by CiaoWeb - If applicable (see note 2)

Analytics & Ranking Reports

Google Analytics Dashboard - Weekly report sent to your inbox in PDF format
Keywords Ranking Report - Weekly report sent to your inbox in PDF format
More SEO services to be added soon...


Our personal support... many of you already know how many times we have been helpful at no charge to fix simple issues and some time even not related with the website...

Gmail Account Creation

We can create a Gmail account for you and connect it to the business email of your choice
You will use the most reliable email system to send and receive your business emails

Affiliate Program

Many of our clients are enjoying the service contract FREE of charge, Simply referring us a new client who buy one of our services. Send us a new client a year and you will enjoy the service contract FREE forever!!
More details on the Affiliate Program? Click Here.


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