Genesis StudioPress, Welcome back!

After discovering WordPress back in 2006 we were amazed on the incredible number of developers and designers who were contributing with new themes and plugins to his eco system. The Genesis StudioPress Framework was for us the  ideal tool to build websites for our clients since it provide beautiful designed themes out of the box, just few changes and you can customize it following the client needs.

In the mean time we have also looked around for more WordPress frameworks to add to our ToolBox and iThemes Builder came into play, another amazing solution for web developers, it allow a high grade of flexibility on building custom layouts, the possibility are endless with Builder, we were so impressed by this theme that has been our primary choice on our day by day work as WordPress Designers  until the middle of this year,..... then our love for Genesis has come back when the guys at StudioPress have released the 2.0 version.

Here is a list of the main improvments:

  • HTML5 support
  • microdata will enhance Genesis’s inbuilt SEO functionality
  • CSS3 enhances design functionality
  • Custom Post Type Archives for extra SEO opportunities.

Our aim is to provide the state of the art WordPress solutions, the Genesis Framework is now the perfect choice, because of the HTML 5 support will make any site ready for the future and compatible with photo and videos technology. HTML5 introduces some new tag elements that will make the website content better-organized and semantically-accurate, allowing search engines to sort through and index more appropriately.

The microdata is very important for local SEO optimization,  all three major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing uses Local sites that  have support on the source code will get a better SEO ranking, this is a crucially important factor for me since a good-looking website that is not also loved by search engines is useless.

CSS3 is the latest technology behind the "style" of any websites, having the chance to use it give more power to designers and developers.

Finally custom post type archives allow for more SEO optimisation, since we don't want Google to look only for the default WordPress content like posts and pages but also for any custom post type relevant to our client's business that is not the default one.

Welcome back Genesis!


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