How to build a Testimonials page with Toolset Plugins

With this blog post I start a series of tutorials. I am a big user and fan of the Toolset Plugins, using them you can build any kind of dynamic content, you can use Types to create a custom post type and Views to display it anywhere in your posts, pages and widget areas.

This tutorial show you how to build a simple dynamic testimonial system in your WordPress powered website using Types, CRED and Views.

The steps are as follow:

  1. With Types, you create a Testimonials Custom Post Type, adding also two custom fields
  2. With CRED, you create a "New Content Submission Form" that will feed the Testimonials custom post type
  3. With Views, you create a View that will display all testimonials entries in the WordPress page you choose

Just to give you a real sample of what I'm saying I show you the testimonial listing page in my website: My Testimonial Page, it has been built with the Toolset Plugins.

I made a video to show step by step how to do it, enjoy...


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