Terms of Service

General Terms

Website Care Plan

  1. Our dedicated website care plan covers everything you need to have your website live 24/7:
    Hosting, personal support, domain name administration (when applicable), security, daily backups, website page load speed optimisation, website stats reports.
  2. There is only a two-year contract. After this period the website owner can cancel the plan at any time.
  3. The website care plan has a starting cost of £300.00 per year; the client has the option to pay as he/she prefers, semi-annually (£150.00) or annually (£300.00).
  4. For semi-annual or annual payments, we accept bank transfers, cash or cheques.
  5. Website ownership: The client will get the full ownership of the website after the two-year period is over and fully paid.
  6. The website will be powered by the leading CMS available today, that is WordPress.
  7. We will also use plugins to extend the website functionality. Some of these plugins require a licence fee to be paid annually, and we will pay it on behalf of all our clients. Even if the client switches to a different hosting provider and cancels their website care plan with our parent company Ciaoweb, they can still use the premium plugins installed. However, they will be responsible for paying the licence renewal fee if they want to receive updates and support from the plugin creator.
  8. In terms of website development, we may utilise pre-designed website templates that we can customize to ensure a distinctive website tailored to each of our clients' needs.

Domain name

Regarding the domain name, there are a few options:

  1. We offer FREE domain name and administration included in our web design deal. This applies exclusively to domain names with suffixes .co.uk, .uk and .org.uk.
  2. To clients who prefer to buy and manage the domain their own, we show how to buy it. We recommend LCN to register your domain name. In this case, the client is responsible to pay the domain annual fee at renewal time. Failing to pay the renewal fee will cause the website to be disconnected from our server and not any more visible on the Internet.

  3. If you wish us to handle the management of any other domain name extension, an extra charge of at least £30.00 per year or more will be necessary.

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program "Introduce a Client and Stay Free For One Year" is provided by our parent company Ciaoweb find more info here: https://www.ciaoweb.uk/affiliate-program/

Website content

Clients are required to provide the website content to populate the home, products/services page and contact page.
You can share this material by email, cloud service, or USB Pen.


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