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16th December 2021
Ciaoweb logo evolution over the years

See how my company's logo has evolved over the years, I am pretty sure there were a few other versions I have missed. The current logo 2021 that promotes Ciaoweb as a digital agency, is going to last forever 🙂 no more changes 🙂

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23rd April 2020
Dynamic testimonial system with Toolset & Microthemer

How to build a dynamic testimonial system with Toolset & Microthemer This video tutorial is made in two parts. The video of part 1 shows you how easy is to build a testimonial slider with Toolset Blocks. For the styling of the slider, I use Microthemer because it fit very well my workflow. You may […]

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20th April 2020
Blank Theme For Oxygen

I have recently posted in the Oxygen Community Facebook page about the Blank Theme for Oxygen. Most of you immediately understood that was a joke since I was mentioning that "Free Lifetime No Updates"... by the way the theme actually works on doing what it was built for: nothing... and you can install it in […]

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18th October 2018
Tools of The Trade

In our WordPress Development daily activity we use some tools to help us to speed up the website building process. We thought that it could be useful to create a dedicated page, in it you will find all the software and plugins we use to build WordPress websites for our clients. Any tools you see in this […]

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9th May 2016
Using Genesis for my new website

I was planning a redesign of my website since six months ago. I like the idea to refresh the look and feel of my site periodically let's say every two/three years. After trying different WordPress themes I am back to my favourite: Genesis, it was the first WordPress theme I have used when I started doing […]

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13th October 2015
Your Website could be your best business asset

In 2007 BMRB carried out a survey and found that 80% of people would contact a company that has a web site first, over and above one that didn't. An elegant website with the right features can be of great help for any kind of business. The beauty of a WordPress powered website is that […]

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2nd February 2015
How to build a Testimonials page with Toolset Plugins

With this blog post I start a series of tutorials. I am a big user and fan of the Toolset Plugins, using them you can build any kind of dynamic content, you can use Types to create a custom post type and Views to display it anywhere in your posts, pages and widget areas. This tutorial […]

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10th January 2015
Should I Pay For Domain and Hosting?

A common mistake professionals make is to use a free email account or host their site on a free server. It's quite common to see contact email addresses like johndoe@hotmail.com or johnsells@aol.com. Many people also use free web sites with domains such as www.yourisp.com/user/johnsmith. There is nothing wrong on using free services but the downside […]

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11th November 2014
If Your Business Isn’t Online...

If your business isn't online, it should be. More tiny and medium-sized businesses are getting themselves professional-looking sites and establishing their web presence. There are several reasons why they are doing so, and there are numerous advantages for you to get a website and get your business online no matter how little or big it […]

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20th October 2014
Use Gmail For Your Business

I don't know you but speaking by experience I had in the last few years at least two major computer crashes with loss of data and guess what... I had to re-setup the computer email program again. I have also clients and guess what... had many calls asking for some help on how to re-setup […]

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9th June 2014
Genesis StudioPress, Welcome back!

After discovering WordPress back in 2006 we were amazed on the incredible number of developers and designers who were contributing with new themes and plugins to his eco system. The Genesis StudioPress Framework was for us the  ideal tool to build websites for our clients since it provide beautiful designed themes out of the box, […]

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12th February 2014
An essential WordPress plugin

Gravity Forms is hands down the best contact form plugin for WordPress powered websites. A plugin any serious WordPress Developer can't live without. We started using Gravity Forms immediately after discovering WordPress, for a developer is an essential tool to build any kind of forms from a basic contact one to a very sophisticated and […]

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